Joy to My World

Joy to My World

Thursday Nov 21, 2019 at 5:02pm

This Christmas we want to show the world around us the incredible love and generosity of our God. If each of us chooses one small act of generosity, imagine the impact we will have as literally thousands of us choose to let our light shine in our community this Christmas.

We want to provide opportunities for everyone to get involved, from our youngest kids to our most wise and seasoned adults. We will have special ways for our kids and youth to be generous, as well as a multitude of agencies and organizations for our adults to choose from. Please chat with your friends and family about how you will join in on the fun!


Mitchell Thorp Foundation Families - Adults Daybreak is adopting 25 families and supporting them with gifts during this holiday season. This foundation supports families who have children that suffer from life-threatening medical issues. Their purpose is to make a difference today for a child who is fighting for their tomorrow.

Solutions for Change - Elementary Kids & Parents This organization seeks to transform lives by permanently solving family homelessness. Some of the Daybreak adults will choose to bring parent gifts, while Daybreak Kids will be invited to bring children’s gifts.

Michaelle House & Fraternity House - Adults Daybreak is adopting 24 residents from both of these homes that care for men and women living with HIV/AIDS. We will provide them with Christmas gifts to let them know they are loved.

Alternatives medical clinic, Hannah’s Closet - Families in the Nursery & the Lodge This agency provides needy families with necessities for their babies and toddlers. Diapers size 4, 5 and 6 (Kirkland and Pampers brand), wipes, Enfamil formula (yellow can), Walmart gift cards/cash donations (for car seats), unisex onesies and matching receiving blankets (for patients after they receive their first ultrasound).


Military Wives Outreach Event - Adults We will be providing unwrapped Christmas gifts to be given to families in our military at the Daybreak Military Wives Christmas Party outreach event.

Church Families in Need - Adults We have some families right here in our own congregation who are facing financial hardship. This Christmas we will surprise and support some of these families with gifts to remind them of God’s love.


Samaritan’s Purse, Turn on the Tap - Preschool Kids and Parents Our preschool classes will help provide water filters for clean drinking water to remote villages all over the world. Grab an empty water bottle in the preschool classes, fill them up with coins and bring them back by December 15.