Issias Colop Xec, chief.org

  • CHIEF works with Guatemalan and US Native Americans
  • CHIEF’s ministry objective is To recruit, encourage and disciple Native Christian pastors, church leaders and believers, and to provide effective training in a manner uniquely suited for their culture and the ongoing needs of the indigenous church.
  • Evangelism of 2 million Mayan-Quiche people
  • Pastoral and lay leaders training and teaching
  • Church planting
  • Children’s ministries
  • Women’s ministries
  • Addiction and abuse ministries

Pastor Bernard & Annette Kirabira, lastingimpact.org

Lasting Impact Ministries - Uganda

  • Evangelism (including crusades)
  • Discipleship
  • Pastoral equipping and mentoring
  • Church planting
  • Children’s school (Daybreak funded first school on Burmuva islands)
  • Micro business loans, teaching pastors and lay leaders to become self-sufficient

Aaron and Christine Passmore, passmorefamily.com

  • Aaron and Christine Passmore, along with their two children, Zeke and Damari, have been serving as missionaries in Quito, Ecuador since July of 2014. Aaron serves as a Team Leader for Youth World, a ministry devoted to evangelizing, discipling and equipping the youth of Ecuador. Youth World is currently involved in nine ministries: La Red, La Roca, Quito Quest, Living & Learning, Casa Gabriel, Casa Adalia, International Student Ministries (ISM), El Refugio, and Education = Hope. To learn more about the Youth World Ministries, visit their website: www.youthworld.org.ec

  • Christine works as an English teacher at Alliance Academy International. Alliance Academy International (AAi) is a Christian Early Childhood through High School English school located in Quito, Ecuador. Founded in 1929, AAI provides a Christian, English-speaking education to students from all over the world. AAI prepares students to be the future Christ-following leaders of tomorrow around the world. To learn more about AAI, visit their website: www.alliance.k12.ec.

Cindy & Jose Luis Pesina, yugo.org

Yugo Ministries - Mexico

  • Mercy Ministries Coordinators for Tijuana, Rosarito and surrounding area
  • Children’s and adult Bible teaching and discipleship
  • Ministry partnerships with local churches, orphanages and migrant camps
  • School sponsorship and feeding programs
  • Meeting practical and spiritual needs with the love of Christ and the Word of God

Tass & Karen Saada, hopeforishmael.org

Hope for Ishmael - Gaza Strip

  • Children’s school in Gaza strip
  • Kindergarten school in Jericho
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Political healing of Arabs and Jews
  • US and European engagements for the purpose of reconciling Arabs and Jews to the Father and each other, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ